Welcome to My World

This here is my office. It's where I generally spend about 8-10 hours of many of my days making pretty pictures and doing what I love. Now don't get me wrong, it doesn't always look like this. I work best in organized chaos, so there's usually a lot more stuff hanging out on my desk along with a bit more dust.  

But! See my new bookshelf? Well, it's really not new, I just moved it in here from a different room. However, now I've got a nice hiding spot for all my stacks of vintage papers, and my spider plants have a warm place in the sun. My hubby helped me put it all together with some antique class photos, tin ceiling tile, an old quilted table runner, and some vintage Iowa license plates that were a gift from my good friend Melissa

Even though I do still have a lot of thingamabobs in here, I do love them all. They make me happy.

Last photo of the morning, one of my little helpers wanted to know what the fuss was about, and jumped on my chair. You almost can't see him he matches the room so well.