Hand Drawn Logo Design Kit

Introducing the Hand Drawn Logo Design Kit! Tons of hand drawn, vector (.eps) design elements including wreaths, circles, swashes, banners, badges, leaves, laurels, curls, swirls, decorative elements, ampersands, catchwords, and dividers. 15 premade logos are included as well! Also included as a bonus is a simple, hand-written font including only letters and numbers, and a watercolor background texture that can easily be recolored. I've included a few different colored variations to get you started!

Detailed List of Included Elements

  1. 38 Wreaths and Circles (eps)
  2. 18 Swashes (eps)
  3. 16 Banners & Badges (eps)
  4. 30 Leaves and Laurels (eps)
  5. 31 Curls and Swirls (eps)
  6. 15 Ampersands (eps)
  7. 41 Catchwords (to, the, and) (eps)
  8. 36 Decorative Elements (eps)
  9. 15 Dividers (eps)
  10. 15 Premade Logos (eps)
  11. 5 Watercolor Backgrounds (jpg)
  12. "Simple Sketch" Basic Font (letters and numbers only) (ttf)
  13. List of free commercial use fonts used in premade logos (pdf)

Some of the "decorative elements" include leaves, antlers, hearts, flowers, feathers, arrows, trees, and corners.

All of the .eps design elements are included in both CS2 and CS6 versions. The elements are black, but you can colorize them yourself in your design program. The premade logos are colorized of course.

Hope you enjoy it!


Instant download after purchase.

These great digital graphics are available for personal or commercial use. If you want to use them commercially, there is no need to buy a separate license or mess with any of that hassle. All you have to do is follow our Terms of Use.

 *I apologize for the inconvenience, but digital graphic download files here at Avalon Rose Design are available to customers in every country of the world except for members of the EU due to the VAT tax restrictions. However, all other products, including website themes and additional services ARE available for citizens living in the EU. If you are a member of the EU and wish to purchase some of my digital graphics, you can find them available to you in my Creative Market store.

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