CloverFox Display Font
CloverFox Display Font
CloverFox Display Font
CloverFox Display Font
CloverFox Display Font
CloverFox Display Font
CloverFox Display Font
CloverFox Display Font
CloverFox Display Font

CloverFox Display Font

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Presenting CloverFox, a handwritten display font that is quirky & whimsical. Mix and match uppercase and lowercase characters for a unique look. This font has 2 sets of alternate capital letters as well as 10 discretionary ligatures.

I've included an OTF font file that has all letters, numbers, symbols, punctuation, alternates and ligatures included. This font type requires OpenType capable software to access all the characters. There are many programs that allow this functionality, however, I've also included separate TTF fonts that have access for those of you that find that helpful.

What's Included

  • CloverFox OTF Font | All characters, alternates & ligatures
  • CloverFox Main TTF Font | Standard uppercase & lowercase, punctuation, numbers, symbols
  • CloverFox Alt Caps 1 TTF Font | Set 1 alternate uppercase & standard lowercase, punctuation, numbers, symbols
  • CloverFox Alt Caps 12 TTF Font | Set 2 alternate uppercase & standard lowercase, punctuation, numbers, symbols
  • CloverFox Ligatures TTF Font | Standard uppercase & lowercase, punctuation, & symbols. Numbers are replaced by ligatures for easy access.
  • PDF Help File | Descriptions of what the different fonts include as well as a chart for access of ligatures in TTF font.

Multilingual support includes the Latin-1 letter characters which supports most Western European languages such as Albanian, Catalan, Danish, Dutch, English, Faeroese, Finnish, French, German, Galician, Irish, Icelandic, Italian, Norwegian, Portuguese, Spanish, and Swedish.

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      This font is available for personal or commercial use. To view the Terms of Use/EULA please click on the MORE INFORMATION link directly below, or you will see a direct link underneath the product images to the left.


      Due to the digital nature of our files, all sales are final and are non-refundable once downloaded unless significantly different than advertised. 

      Commercial Use

      You CAN:
      Use the graphics in a commercial end product of any kind as long as they are part of a new work/design, and the graphics cannot be extracted from the final design on their own. This includes, but is not limited to, website, t-shirt, jewelry, card, and graphic design. 
      You CANNOT:
      • You can’t give away, share, resell or redistribute the graphics on their own in physical or digital form. If you have a friend that wants to use the graphics, please refer them to my store.
      • You cannot use the graphics as a primary design element in your end product (please see graphic below) regardless of whether it is a physical or digital product. They must be combined with other design resources to create a new end product/original design that took you time and effort to produce. If you would like to purchase an Extended License that would allow you to use the graphics as-is please contact me.
      • You can’t post the stand-alone graphics as they are on your website or blog in a manner that would make them available to download.
      • You cannot use the graphics in a new work where the individual graphics can be extracted from the final file, such as a layered .psd file.
      • You can’t claim copyright of the graphics individually or in a collection.

      Usage ExamplesPublic Domain Images

      *Public domain: Works in the public domain are those whose intellectual property rights have expired, been forfeited, or are inapplicable. In the United States copyright law states that a creative work that was registered or published before 1923 falls into the public domain. Individual public domain works cannot be protected by copyright, because they are owned by all. Collections of public domain works may be protected by copyright, however.
      If a set of graphics on this site is listed as believed to be in the public domain (research is done to ensure that the graphics were published before 1923), there are no limitations on the usage of these images. You are only restricted in that you can’t redistribute the collection/compilation as it is, because that is copyrighted.
      *This information is not meant to replace legal advice, so please check with your lawyer if you have any questions.

      Personal Use

      If an item is marked as "Personal Use Only" you may go ahead and use them however you want for your personal projects. Sharing with others is not allowed, however. You may not use the items to create anything that you will offer for sale. Have fun!



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