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Floralia Watercolor Floral Collection Graphics

$ 12

Introducing Floralia a watercolor floral collection that is a celebration of beautiful flowers. These watercolor graphics are perfect for wedding invitations, stationery, wall decor, packaging and more. Vibrant blooms that will make a big statement in your designs.

Included are the individual flowers and leaves, premade bouquets and frames, floral alphabet and numbers as well as 2 seamless patterns making this a very versatile set.

What's Included

  • 44 Individual Flowers | PNG Format | 800-1500 px | Transparent Background
  • 13 Individual Leaves & Stems | PNG Format | 800-1500 px | Transparent Background
  • 2 Seamless Floral Patterns | PNG Format | 7200 x 7200 px | Transparent Background
  • 27 Floral Letters | A-Z + & | PNG Format | 3000-4000 px | Transparent Background
  • 10 Floral Numbers | 0-9 | PNG Format | 3000-4000 px | Transparent Background
  • 10 Premade Bouquets | PNG Format | 4000-5000 px | Transparent Background

Canva Users Please Note: Canva does have a limitation on the size of the files you can upload. The PNG versions of the 2 seamless patterns in this set exceed that limit, so if you need to use those files in Canva they must be resized before uploading which can be done on any computer without additional software. All of the other files included are smaller than the 25 MB limit, so there should be no problem uploading those.

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    Download is 874 MB.

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    Commercial Use

    You CAN:
    Use the graphics in a commercial project of any kind as long as they are part of a new work, and the graphics cannot be extracted from the final design on their own. This includes, but is not limited to, website, t-shirt, jewelry, card, and graphic design.
    You CANNOT:
    • You can’t give away, share, resell or redistribute the graphics on their own. If you have a friend that wants to use the graphics, please refer them to my store.
    • You can’t post the stand-alone graphics as they are on your website or blog in a manner that would make them available to download.
    • You cannot use the graphics in a new work where the individual graphics can be extracted from the final file, such as a layered .psd file.
    • You can’t claim copyright of the graphics individually or in a collection.
    Commercial Use in a Website/Blog Design:
    If the graphics are used in a website/blog design, attribution is always nice, but it is requested (not required) that you do a couple of extra things.
    • A credit line on every page of the website/blog or at the bottom of the template that says something like “Some graphical elements by Avalon Rose Design”.
    • Hyperlink the words “Avalon Rose Design” to https://theavalonrose.com.
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    Personal Use

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